Bribe, The (1949)

The Bribe (1949), directed by Robert Z. Leonard.

Fine film noir with an unusual amount of boats, marlin fishing and sharks. You also don't often find a cop as conflicted as our hero. Striking chase and shootout amidst the fireworks at the end.

Robert Taylor is adequate as the leading man; actually his stiffness helps with this role. Charles Laughton and Vincent Price are at their slimy best.

Ava Gardner is in her exceedingly gorgeous phase, which lasted all of her life. She's like an angel who fell to earth and developed the most amazing bedroom eyes. I remember that one-strap top she wears being a famous celebrity photo.

I had been wanting to see this for years. It was featured in Steve Martin's Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) as the long final segment.

Warner Archive DVD.