Halloween II (1981)

Halloween II (1981), directed by Rick Rosenthal.

This is not as well liked as Halloween (1978), but they do make an effort to create a seamless sequel, repeating the last few minutes of the previous film and continuing the same night with the same characters and actors. New director, but it's written and produced by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, who did the first film.

Inevitably, creating a mythology (first film) and then working within it (second film) are different types of creativity, and it is common for the excitement to slack off. We also have a problem with the threat of Michael Myers: how unkillable is he? Very unkillable! Ok, then. It's just a matter of waiting for him to appear again. And again.

According to the wikipedia article the Blu-ray is being boycotted by some because producer Moustapha Akkad's name has been removed from the credits. I'm not sure what that's about.

Brief nudity, lots of slashing.

Available on Blu-ray, but not at Netflix. The first film had daylight scenes but this one is entirely at night and there is less detail available in the darkness.