Second Chance

The Outer Limits (1963)

Second Chance, directed by Paul Stanley.

"Do not be afraid. You have nothing to lose but your life" -- the Empyrian.

The setup is like something from Ray Bradbury: a carnival spaceship attraction has been converted into the real thing by an alien visitor. He plans to abduct a set of human beings for a one-way mission in space. He has selected those who might appreciate a second chance at life, but humans are unpredictable.

The execution is more like The Twilight Zone than The Outer Limits. The plot is more or less an excuse for psychodrama subplots and overwrought speechifying. It would be a better episode if they could have found something stranger to do with that time.

I recognized his voice before I realized the bird-like alien is played by Simon Oakland:

The Empyrian is actually understanding and "humane", but takes his mission seriously and kills when he has to.


The Blu-ray has no commentary track.