The Outer Limits (1963)

Moonstone, directed Robert Florey.

Moonbase personnel dig up a mysterious orb. No idea what it is or how long it has been there. Turns out to contain five aliens fleeing the tyrants of their home world. They are carrying "all knowledge of the universe" and don't want to hand it over to the tyrants, but will give the humans a copy.

Our folks want to help but the aliens' rescue ship is not coming and the tyrants are.

It's not a bad concept but is pretty much straight SF, becoming more typical for the series as it approaches the second season. It lacks the Outer Limits horror tone that we love.

And as is too often the case we waste time in soap opera subplots. The drama of relationships is legitimate but omits the sense of wonder we want in this series. Actors seem to like the duller bits and it must be easy for writers to fall back into it.

Our big star this time is Ruth Roman: Strangers on a Train (1951), The Window (1949), Three Secrets (1950).


Photographed by John M. Nickolaus.

The Blu-ray has no commentary track.