Cry of Silence

The Outer Limits (1963)

Cry of Silence, directed by Charles Haas.

Driving into a desolate area to look at a property, a couple find themselves on foot and menaced by hostile tumbleweeds. The same unseen intelligence commands frogs (!) and large rolling boulders.

I love a good creature feature and when you make it a First Contact story there is much to admire. The alien mind is particularly frustrated this time: it senses consciousness on Earth but can't hear it. At most it can move things around, including reanimating a dead body.

Yes, this is also a zombie episode.

The micro-budget doesn't hurt so much this time. We have only three characters and how much did they have to spend for tumbleweeds on strings, paper boulders and a bucket of frogs?

This brings to mind many other stories, including:

The cast:

Richard Farnsworth -- Comes a Horseman (1978), The Grey Fox (1982), The Straight Story (1999) -- is said to be an uncredited stunt double. He is too far away to see clearly.

Two commentary tracks on the Blu-ray: Gary Gerani and Reba Wissner.