The Probe (1965)

The Outer Limits (1963)

The Probe (1965), directed by Felix E. Feist.

Forced down in a hurricane, the crew of a cargo plane at first find themselves in a raft on stormy seas, but wake up the next day on a solid surface, inside a mysterious structure. They learn they are inside an automated alien surveyor probe and have to contend with its strange workings and a mutated giant germ picked up from some previous planet.

Is there anyway to communicate with the device, or the beings behind it?

And so we come to the end of the series. After a season and a half ABC pulled the plug on a show they never understood or appreciated.

This is not an auspicious ending: "Let's throw in a bunch of weird stuff to keep the kids happy. Look: a monster!" The plot reminds me of Heinlein's story Goldfish Bowl.

Peter Mark Richman returns from The Borderland.

Peggy Ann Garner was a child actress in Jane Eyre (1944):

...and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945). I remember her as an adult in the soapy murder mystery Black Widow (1954).

The creeping monster was later developed into the "Horla" for Star Trek The Devil in the Dark. Both were designed and performed by Janos Prohaska.

The Blu-ray has no commentary track for this final episode. Previous second season tracks detailed the reduced budgets, change in creative talent, shifted time slot and network indifference.

The second season Control Voice narrations became consistently dull in their high-toned abstract vagueness.