Tony Rome (1967)

Tony Rome (1967), directed by Gordon Douglas.

Frank Sinatra is an ex-cop, private eye and general purpose tough guy with a boat and a rusty convertible. Returning a drunk girl to her rich parents he gets wound up in a classic hardboiled tale of untrustworthy clients, shady doctors, drug addicts and murder.

It moves along with all the standard features of the genre: he follows leads and gets beaten up and drugged. He adds a 60s line of snappy patter and a playboy image. Jill St John is a lovely potential romantic interest, but they never quite make it.

Filmed in Miami. The real locations help the story, as does the jazzy score. Daughter Nancy sings the title song.

From from the 10-disc "Frank Sinatra Film Collection."

Later: thumbnails are from the Twilight Time Blu-ray, which also has the sequel, Lady in Cement (1968).