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Since much of the functionality of this player is the same as that of the OPPO BDP-83, rather than repeating that information here, I would direct you to the Unofficial OPPO BDP-83 FAQ.

There are a few differences between the players, which are listed below in How is the BDP-80 different from the BDP-83?

Table of Contents

General Topics

Is the manual available online?

Yes: BDP-80 Online Manual.


The table of contents entries in the online manual are clickable.

How is the BDP-80 different from the BDP-83?

The BDP-80 is a simplified version of the BDP-83. It is meant to be a less expensive unit good as:

  • a digital transport
  • a secondary BD player
  • an entry level Blu-ray/Universal player

See the OPPO BDP-80 Comparison Page for more.

These features are the same as for the BDP-83:

  • Both HDMI and component output
  • Source direct output
  • Front and back USB
  • Ethernet
  • BD profile 2.0, SACD, DVD-A and media file playback features
  • 1GB built-in memory
  • Internal decoding of high-def audio codecs
  • Subtitle shift and On Screen Display positioning
  • HDCD decoding can be turned on and off
  • Startup and loading speed
  • Accepts 1080i50 and 576i50 content; will optionally convert to 60hz

These features are different:

  • Video de-interlacing and scaling are by Mediatek (same as the BDP-83 when set to Component as the primary output; similar to the 980H DVD player)
  • Less expensive 7.1ch DAC (basically the same DAC and analog design as the DV-983H)
  • Lighter weight chassis
  • Front panel display is not as bright (as requested)
  • No fan

These features are added:

  • S-video output
  • Subtitles and the On Screen Display are not shifted offscreen when zooming.
  • When using Source Direct and Wide/Auto, 4:3 material will be pillarboxed.

These features are subtracted:

  • No ABT VRS processing, so many ABT-powered picture controls are gone
  • No 24p for DVD
  • No RGB PC color space (still has RGB Video)
  • No dedicated analog stereo output (use the FR & FL 7.1 connections with the proper downmix setting)
  • No adjustable audio delay for HDMI
  • Remote is not backlit (backlit remote available separately and as an option)
  • IR IN/OUT and RS-232 will not be available
  • No aluminum front panel; it has plastic front panel with brushed metallic finish like the DV-980H
  • Does not Zoom Blu-ray Java titles
  • No SACD DSD over analog (still available with HDMI)
  • The BDP-80 does not come with the Spears & Munsil calibration and test disc or AIX music sampler disc

Why does OPPO not recommend this player for home theaters with large screens?

The OPPO BDP-80 Comparison Page says "Not Recommended for home theaters with large screens".

I think that is misleading and requires some elaboration.

  • If you need a digital transport, then the BDP-80 is appropriate for any sized screen.
  • If you are emphasizing Blu-ray video over DVD, then note that the general consensus is that all Blu-ray players produce a very similar image from Blu-ray 1080p24 sources, the most common case. This agrees with theory and was stated earlier in the BDP-83 FAQ section: Is the Blu-ray picture quality of this player amazingly better than any other player?
  • If you have a large DVD collection the choice becomes more difficult. The more expensive BDP-83 has better DVD video processing, but how much of a difference this makes depends on many factors, including screen size and seating distance. See the BDP-83 FAQ for more: Is the DVD picture quality of this player amazingly better than any other player?
  • If you are using analog audio (2.0 or 5.1 or 7.1 cabling) then the BDP-83 (and further, the BDP-83SE) provide an upgrade in audio components.

"Large screens" is undefined but I think it implies projection screens.


What are the Zoom features of the player?

The Zoom settings are described and illustrated in the manual (Advanced Operations / Zooming and Aspect Ratio Control).


Can I get a backlit remote?

Yes. When ordering from OPPO, the backlit remote is available at checkout time for an extra $9.50.

Or, additional remotes are available separately: Replacement Backlit Remote for OPPO BDP-8x.

Are the remote codes the same as for the BDP-83?

Yes, both players use the same codes, and the same remote can be used for both.


Is there a listing of the Setup options and their defaults?

Yes, in this PDF file: BDP-80 Settings Checklist.

The purpose of this document is:

  • To show the default settings when you use Setup -> Device Setup -> Reset Factory Default and run the Setup Wizard again.
  • To provide a convenient place to note your own Setup customizations.
  • To show the differences between the Setup Wizard "Compatible" and "Advanced" Audio Settings: all the differences are in the Audio Format Setup section.

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