Adventures of Don Juan (1948)

Adventures of Don Juan (1948), directed by Vincent Sherman.

The notorious lover and swordsman (what actor for that role... think... think...) takes a break from his avocation to faithfully serve a queen in need.

This is a bit better than I remember, without being an actual good film. In the declining era of the swashbuckler the magic is gone. In the declining phase of his career Errol Flynn struggles, a victim of disappointment and too much hard living.

Still: the charm and twinkle remain and he can fence. He's able to balance the character and play up the humor without overdoing it. According to my wife: "No one looks more natural in tights."

We have a grand (studio) palace, lots of sword-fighting and an impressive burning tapestry stunt.

Viveca Lindfors is an intelligent Spanish Queen, succumbing to his charms (well, kissing) even when she knows better.

This is Alan Hale's thirteenth and last picture with Flynn. He was one of the most feared men in Hollywood because he could -- if he wanted to -- effortlessly, invisibly steal a scene.

Brief but rousing Max Steiner score.