Angel Heart (1987)

Angel Heart (1987), written and directed by Alan Parker.

A scruffy detective is hired to find a missing person. It gets curiouser and curiouser and a trail of bodies accumulates from New York to New Orleans and other infernal regions. Turns out he doesn't want find this guy. He really doesn't want to find him.

At the time I remember being confused about how this was intended. Is it meant to be a private eye story that gradually morphs into a supernatural thriller, or are we supposed to recognize the satanic element from the beginning? The music gives us the horror/thriller cues from the very start.

What I now notice most is how much everyone seems to be enjoying this project, with Mickey Rourke giving one of his most memorable performances (which is saying a lot), and how great are all the decaying, grubby, sweaty locations. The taint of spiritual loathsomeness comes across strongly.

It was controversial for a bloody sex scene. Lisa Bonet was in The Cosby Show before this; after this she wasn't.


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