Angel and the Badman (1947)

Angel and the Badman (1947), directed by James Edward Grant.

A wounded outlaw is rescued by a Quaker family in spectacular Monument Valley. Turns out they like him and he likes them back, particularly the daughter. She's fallen in love and doesn't mind saying so. Can he adjust to their non-violent ways? We expect some backsliding from a notorious gunman, but this is an unusual western that takes pacifist convictions seriously

In the end -- well, we're glad the watchful Marshal isn't a Quaker.

A romance western with John Wayne in love. Still lots of fighting and action, as when our "hero" rustles some cattle rustlers.

A mythically powerful scene I remember from my youth: the fevered, delirious gunman, restless until they put his revolver in his hand, which quiets him.

Gail Russell, last seen in The Uninvited (1944) and Seven Men from Now (1956), is only 23 here. She died at age 36, cause: alcoholism. Such haunted, watchful eyes. They drive the whole picture.

Director Grant was more usually a screenwriter, often working with John Wayne.

Too much music in the score. Witness (1985) is a similar story.

Olive Films Blu-ray, no subtitles. The film is in the public domain but this transfer is often pretty good, although it doesn't look like the source was cleaned very much.