Believers, The (1987)

The Believers (1987), directed by John Schlesinger.

Strange doings with black magic in New York City. Spooky Afro-Caribbean immigrants are sacrificing chickens and cats and casting curses. It's real. How would you like a stomach full of snakes?

Wouldn't you know it? The secret devil worshiping cult: everyone's a member. The cult leader can do Jedi mind-tricks.

I must have seen this -- there was a SanterĂ­a boomlet back then -- but remembered nothing about it. They try to take a serious tone to an absurd plot, but it doesn't grab me.

I always love seeing Robert Loggia do his hard-assed police detective roles. It doesn't save him this time.

Mark Frost screenplay. Brief 80s nudity. A hint of The Exorcist (1973) tubular bells on the soundtrack.

The Twilight Time Blu-ray is gorgeous. I wish better films had equally good transfers.