Blob, The (1958)

The Blob (1958), directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

This is less of a science fiction film and more of a teen adventure story where it turns out that the hot-rodding juvies are actually all right. Against stiff resistance and suspicion by the adults, they get organized and save the town from a creeping alien menace. Young woman sneaking out at night to meet her boyfriend: raging hormones? No, got to save the world!

It's very decent looking for an independent, micro-budget film. It all takes place in one night, and has a middle-American 50s dream-like ambiance, but with horror lurking behind the wholesome facade.

It's only 82m long and could have been shortened further by tightening up some of the filler material. The "look" is better than the story itself.

Some of the cast seem amateur or semi-pro, but young Steve McQueen is already "there" with his cool, rebellious but basically decent persona. He's 28 but playing high school

The Criterion Blu-ray looks vastly better than I would have expected, although the last time I saw this it was projected on a bed sheet for an after dark school summer program. Prominent grain and vivid color.