Broken Lance (1954)

Broken Lance (1954), directed by Edward Dmytryk.

I had never heard of this before it appeared on Blu-ray. As the commentary track says, it is an example of the lavish results Fox could get with a fine cast and crew and when using Technicolor and the new CinemaScope 2:55:1 aspect ratio.

The story is one of those Shakespeare-in-the-West efforts: a tough patriarch is at war with his older sons. The youngest -- from his second wife, an Indian princess -- is his favorite, and will suffer the most.

The range lands are vast and beautiful, the mansion-sized ranch house rich and comfortable. It has darker elements: race hatred against Indians and half-breeds, murderous anger within the family.

The cast:

Twilight Time Blu-ray, with an excited, wide-ranging interview on the commentary track between Nick Redman and Earl Holliman, recorded over 60 years after the film was made. Not much about this particular title, but a wealth of good stories.