Bus Stop (1956)

Bus Stop (1956), directed by Joshua Logan.

A boisterous young Montana rancher who has not been much in civilization travels to Phoenix for a big rodeo competition. It's love at first sight when he sees Marilyn Monroe, a country girl singing in a saloon. She can't sing at all and does a comic rendition of That Old Black Magic.

Would you believe she's the first girl he's ever kissed? Her own experience is more...varied. The rest of the plot is his strenuous effort to rope, wrassle, hog-tie and marry her and get her back to the ranch as quickly as possible.

It's more or less a romantic comedy and funnier than I expected. Don Murray yells, yippees and hooraws most of his lines, but that's the character. I wonder about Monroe's makeup; it looks like clown paint sometimes.

The aspect ration is 2.55:1. Whoever wrote the Netflix summary has not seen the film.