Candy (1968)

Candy (1968), directed by Christian Marquand, screenplay by Buck Henry from a novel by Terry Southern.

Not so much a movie as one of those late-60s film projects, a mostly painful jumble of comically groovy outrageousness. The Magic Christian (1969), also by Southern, is a similar effort. Candy was made right at the cusp of that time when the sex restrictions in film were collapsing. It was meant to be saucy, although we get only flashes of nudity and brief simulated sex.

I was going to complain that the satiric episodes don't actually have any targets worth satirizing (Mexican biker girls avenging the lost virginity of a brother? A transvestite magic show?) but then read in the wikipedia that this is meant to be a satire on pornographic stories themselves. That went right by me. Whatever I knew of such literature in my youth has faded away.

It has some moments, but is really not worth it unless you are fascinated by that era or film genre.

The major characters and skits:

I kind of liked that final bit: the seeker arrives, the vision quest completed.

80% at RottenTomatoes? Far out.

The rock score by Dave Grusin includes songs by the Byrds and Steppenwolf.

The DVD is out of print and expensive on the used market. Later: available on Blu-ray.

For some reason looking at the thumbnails makes me like it better.