Crawling Eye, The (1958)

The Crawling Eye (1958), directed by Quentin Lawrence.

Aka The Trollenberg Terror.

This is a typical low-budget British creature feature of the period and enjoyable on that level. The great flaming alien eyeballs at the climax are admittedly rudimentary special effects.

Adapted from a TV show and written by Jimmy Sangster, who was a creative force at Hammer, but this was produced and distributed by "Tempean Films" and "Eros Films Ltd".

As is customary for British SF back then they have an American lead (Forrest Tucker) in hopes of finding a US audience. It has a strong "Quatermass" tone with UN scientists confronting the alien menace. It's actually kind of a little Lovecraft plot, although I suspect most people who say that haven't read him.

Endearing Janet Munro, in her second year in films, is in telepathic contact with the alien invaders.

I have read that this was the first movie lampooned by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Available on DVD.