Designing Woman (1957)

Designing Woman (1957), directed by Vincente Minnelli.

Employing well-worn romantic comedy formulae, sportswriter Gregory Peck has a terrific hangover and alcohol-induced amnesia. Why did he give fashion designer Lauren Bacall $700 the night before? After sorting out that misunderstanding they have a quick romance and sudden marriage. Back home he finds she is much richer than him and their social circles don't intersect at all.

This is obviously mining Tracy-Hepburn territory, particularly Woman of the Year (1942). It's all pretty familiar, lovely to watch, modestly entertaining, if going on a bit too long.


Score by André Previn, photographed by John Alton.

Available on Blu-ray from Warner Archive. Good color, although with less hidef detail than we expect these days. That is likely due to the CinemaScope process itself.