Dial M For Murder (1954)

Dial M For Murder (1954), directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The perfect murder: what could go wrong?

Random notes after another viewing, my first time on Blu-ray:

Available on Blu-ray in the original 3D, which I suspect few people saw at the time it was released.

I watched it in 2D. Detail is very poor for Blu-ray, hardly better than the DVD. The heavy grain is intact so this may be due to the lenses required for 3D. There seems to be a very narrow zone of good focus with everything closer or further away looking blurry. From time to time we'll see a face that begins looking pretty good, then the scene shifts and we lose it. I don't recall this effect on the DVD so I'm not sure what's up.

Still, the color is good and the aspect ratio is the correct 1.85:1. The DVD had been cropped to 1.33, which makes a difference.