Doctor X (1932)

Doctor X (1932), directed by Michael Curtiz.

The Full Moon Murderer has been terrorizing the city for months, not just violating (?) and killing his victims but gnawing on their bodies. The police suspect the scientists of a medical institute, inmates all a bit loony and menacing. The director of the institute uses his lovely daughter as bait to smoke out the lunatic; what could go wrong?

On the down side: it is a ludicrous plot and the wise-cracking reporter is just an irritant this time. It is the 80% laughs / 20% chills formula you might see at a community theater where you can't get too heavy. Some of the fake scare setups remind me of what William Castle would do in the House On Haunted Hill (1959).

On the other hand it has much of interest:

Audiences raved about the color at the time.

Available on DVD with the unrelated The Return of Doctor X (1939) on the same disc. A fact-filled commentary track gives loads of interesting background.