Endless Night (1972)

Endless Night (1972), written, produced and directed by Sidney Gilliat.

The intense young man has a taste for art but works as a chauffeur for hire. We wonder if he isn't a Tom Ripley character, plotting to assume other identities by whatever means necessary.

Maybe we've misjudged him: he falls in love and is irritated to find that the young woman is a secret heiress. Her family is difficult and most troublesome is her best friend Greta, who arrives to run their lives with teutonic authority.

Their country house may be cursed and is eventually haunted. Did we misjudge our main character or not?

From one of Agatha Christie's later novels, when she was turning moodier, this did not do well in Europe and was not even released in the US. She did not like the treatment and particularly objected to the brief flashes of nudity by Britt Ekland.

It is not a strong film but I review it for the talent involved:


Available on DVD with a soft image. Made in the era of lens filters that produced star patterns on bright points, so it would not be very sharp anyway. No subtitles, but I found a downloadable track online.