Extreme Prejudice (1987)

Extreme Prejudice (1987), directed by Walter Hill.

Essence of 80s action film, terrifically overblown. We have an excess of tough guys: Powers Boothe is a semi-crazed drug lord on the Mexican border. Old pal Nick Nolte is now a Texas Ranger who tells him to retire or else. And then we have a team of super-secret military operatives, robbing banks for national security.

Much gunplay and many explosions. Everyone comes together in a bloody shootout in a Mexican town, the sort of tough guy Valhalla screenwriter John Milius likes so much.

A problem: we really don't care that much about anyone in it. Boothe provides his patented witty but sinister crazy talk. Maria Conchita Alonso is one corner of an undeveloped love triangle. Walter Hill has made better films.

Brief nudity. Jerry Goldsmith score.

The region 1 DVD is cropped to 4:3 and said to be poor anyway. My thumbnails are from the region 2 PAL anamorphic edition.