First Spaceship on Venus (1960)

First Spaceship on Venus (1960), directed by Kurt Maetzig.

Aka Silent Star and Der schweigende Stern.

Space adventure made in East Germany with an international cast. I was expecting a lot of politics, but that's not in the 78 minute cut I saw; maybe in the longer versions.

On the one hand it is an interesting display of what the future looked like to the filmmakers of that place and time, fifty years ago. Obviously an expensive production with elaborate spaceship interiors and intriguing Venus surface models.

On the other hand the acting and presentation are really clunky and voters at the IMDB give it a dismal 3.7. The final segment builds into an everything-goes-wrong catastrophe story which could have been exciting, but is just sort of jumbled and incoherent.

Finally, I think they ran out of money when designing the space long johns, and I have never met a cute robot I liked.