Goldeneye (1995)

Goldeneye (1995), directed by Martin Campbell.

In retrospect we see this is the first entry in the modern series of Bond films. Maybe it was budget or production know-how, but the expected gloss and slickness is here, a new level of action and stepped up (but harmless) violence.

First Bond of the 90s, first of four with Pierce Brosnan (who had been offered the role before), and the first 007 film not based on any fiction by Ian Fleming.

Someone thought long and hard about this. What do audiences want in their Bond to make each movie a big event? They brought forward the best of the Sean Connery era, swept out the Roger Moore silliness, and surmounted the fiscal constraints of Timothy Dalton's two entries to deliver a 007 entertainment that featured:

The traditional features are also modernized: MI6 offices look up to date and the new M is very tough Judi Dench, who had a long run in the role. More politically mature: she has to worry about oversight.


Not so good:

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