Hannie Caulder (1971)

Hannie Caulder (1971), directed by Burt Kennedy.

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You don't mind riding double with the dead man?

Another Raquel Welch western, R-rated and more brutal than Bandolero! (1968) or 100 Rifles (1969). Lots of blood splatter with vivid red paint, a color not found in nature.

Welch's husband is killed and she is raped by three vicious but comically moronic bank robbers: Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam, and Strother Martin. Wandering the desert she falls in with bounty hunter Robert Culp. After some resistance he takes her to master gunsmith Christopher Lee and we have a long segment of her discipleship in the gunfighting martial arts. Then she's after the Clemens Bros.


Lee: Fine looking woman.

Culp: Wants to be a man.

Lee: She'll never make it.

The rape and revenge plot would be pretty grim but the story is softened with some humor and light romance. Originally wearing nothing but a poncho, she later adds pants but still wears nothing else above the waist. It's a wool blanket; that must be rough. She picks up some snappy comeback patter.

The villains are just strange, as if wandering in from a different movie:


Martin: I stole a Bible, Emmett. Do you want to read over Frank?

Borgnine: You know damn right well I can't read! The hell with him anyway!

Would you believe there is a walking on the beach holding hands at sunset with girly music scene?

Stephen Boyd appears uncredited as a mysterious gunman. There's no explaining him.

Filmed in Spain.

Second review

New notes and thumbnails from the Blu-ray.

My thumbnails are from the original Olive Blu-ray. It looks like it was taken from an old scan done for DVD. The image is brighter than the DVD which helps with contrast, but is otherwise a modest upgrade.

I haven't seen it, but Olive has produced a "Signature" disc from a new scan which is said to have a better image and more extras, including a commentary track.