Having Wonderful Time (1938)

Having Wonderful Time (1938), directed by Alfred Santell.

A minor, mild mannered romantic comedy, it starts dull but gets better.

Office worker Ginger Rogers has a two week vacation at a resort; she wants peace and quiet and solitude. Camp Kare Free is a crowded and noisy watering hole where the tired male staff force themselves to dance with all the lonely single women.

After some initial hostility she falls in love with Douglas Fairbanks Jr, a proud lawyer working as a waiter (it's the Depression or maybe just his bad attitude). Since they won't be able to marry for a long time he suggests Sex Real Soon Now and she stomps off. I don't understand the Code at all; did the censors nod off during this type of film?

Later, in a funny bit, he clumsily tries to defend her honor while she holds off a predatory playboy by the strength of her backgammon game. We have a quick happy ending.

Many familiar faces including Lucille Ball. This is Red Skelton's film debut, doing some irritating and unfunny skits.

Warner Archive title, available for rent from ClassicFlix.