Hit, The (1984)

The Hit (1984), directed by Stephen Frears.

Willie has not just turned against his crime gang, he is a supergrass whose testimony brings down the entire organization. Ominously, they sing "We'll Meet Again" to him in court (which happened in real life), this against an early 70s assault on the eyes of loud flared trousers and shag haircuts.

Ten years later he is enjoying a new witness protection identity in a remote part of Spain. He's become a reader and seems a gentle man with many local friends.

You know that can't last. The mob will find him and send specialists to fetch him back. It won't end well.

Nobody does working-class cops and crooks movies like the Brits. It becomes a buddy road-trip movie, which is curious because two of the four in the car are supposed to die.

Excellent cast:

Spot young Jim Broadbent as a barrister, giving this film a Harry Potter count of 2.

Roger Waters and Eric Clapton provide the title music. The rest is Spanish guitar.

Criterion DVD. The edited gang commentary track has many good stories.