Howling, The (1981)

The Howling (1981), directed by Joe Dante.

When a TV reporter agrees to meet a serial killer in the sleazy sex district, the interview is worse than she could have imagined. In fact, her mind can't accept what happened and she can't remember the details. But she is having nightmares and needs to get away for a while... to an odd retreat run by a celebrity shrink.

After 20 minutes of this intriguing setup, it turns more comical and I found it hard to care very much. I remember liking this when it was new, probably because:

What hurts the story:

This had an "R" rating. In the porno-shop scene we see "enough" of a rape-and-bondage film. I'm not recalling anything like that in other movies of the time.

Available on Blu-ray from Shout Factory with two commentary tracks and other extras.