Inserts (1975)

Inserts (1975), written and directed by John Byrum.

A Boy Wonder film director has not made the transition to sound. Now he is a broken-down "rummy" who never leaves his house. He makes silent porn films with two actors and a troublesome producer, but he still tries to put a little extra genius into it, maybe bestir his own limp spirits.

It's filmed like a stage play in one room, in real time, with only five actors. The dialogue and acting are also theatrical, intentionally so I'm sure.

I had never heard of this before it appeared on Blu-ray. It had an X-rating and probably received little distribution.

It would still be NC-17 today. The full nudity and raw sexual content would ensure that. This is bold filmmaking.

I cannot praise Veronica Cartwright enough. She had more acting experience than anyone else in the cast and gives it her "all". I remember her as a child actor, as in The Birds (1963) and as a scream queen in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and Alien (1979), but I had no idea that in this in-between period, at age 26, she would do full nudity and vigorous porn scenes as a junkie actress. You seldom see such bravery in acting.

The little film they are making looks like rape, but the characters are actually acting, if with out-of-control exuberance. The bed acrobatics have to be seen to be believed. They call her co-star "Rex the Wonder Dog", who I was relieved to find was a human male.

The rest of the cast:

Pornographic filmmaking is still part of the cinema arts and still partakes of the fantasy-reality confusion that other films do. In this case:

On Blu-ray from Twilight Time. No commentary track; I wonder why?