Jubal (1956)

Jubal (1956), directed by Delmer Daves.

The wife of a jolly but crude cattle rancher has eyes and plans for the new foreman. He's not having it, but that won't stop what's coming: jealousy and murder.

This is soap opera in a Western setting; it could have been done in other genres just as easily. I see it compared to Othello; both are about jealousy but that's about it.

Strong cast, although the female leads are not well known. And Rod Steiger: that over the top thing he does, a little goes a long way and here it goes on and on.

Note that Steiger was Marty (1953) and Ernest Borgnine was Marty (1955).

Filmed in Jackson Hole WY and the spectacular Grand Tetons range is in the background of every shot. I always look for that black dike on Mt Moran:


David Raksin score.

Criterion Blu-ray, unusually bare-bones. Subtitles but no extras. The aspect ratio is 2.55:1.