Juno & the Paycock (1930)

Juno & the Paycock (1930), adapted and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

One of Hitchcock's least-liked early movies, it's a filmed version of Sean O'Casey's stage play and a chore to get through. The wikipedia has a plot summary.

From the Hitchcock/Truffaut interviews:


AH: I could see no way of narrating the play in cinematic form. The film got good notices, but I was actually ashamed because it had nothing to do with cinema.

FT: Critics generally tend to assess a picture on the basis of its literary quality rather than its cinematic value.

"Paycock" is dialect for "peacock", Juno's sarcastic name for her shiftless husband.

http://www.hitchcockwiki.com/gallery/500/2829.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/df/Juno_and_the_Paycock.jpg