Killers, The (1964)

The Killers (1964), directed by Don Siegel.

Brutal hit men Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager hunt for the story behind their last contract. This is kind of interesting, but the story they uncover is less so.

The John Cassavetes and Angie Dickinson passion sequences tend to drag. A lot of auto race track plot. Ronald Reagan has his last film role, unusually as a villain. The story picks up a bit when we get to the heist, but although I was curious as to where the money went, I can't say I cared what happened to any of the characters. Which is good because there won't be a sequel. (The Killers 2: Where is Everybody?)

The complete title is Ernest Hemingway's The Killers but the movie has almost nothing to do with the short story.

Nancy Wilson sings in a nightclub. "Johnny" Williams score.

The Criterion DVD has a fine image in most scenes.