Kings of the Sun (1963)

Kings of the Sun (1963), directed by J. Lee Thompson.

Mayan people in Yucat√°n are driven out by metal-wielding invaders and sail across the Gulf to a new land. They quickly build a new city -- with pyramid and everything -- but have disturbed fierce North American Indians living there. The Mayans capture Chief Black Eagle and plan on sacrificing him as they have always done. Might there be a better way?

This is another title I had never heard of before it appeared on Blu-ray. It was not well-reviewed but I was willing to give the director a look for his early work: Tiger Bay (1959), The Guns of Navarone (1961), and Cape Fear (1962).

The problems:

Its good points:

The Mayans in the new city seem to have some sort of catapult. Could that be?

Uncredited James Coburn provides narration in the first few minutes. Elmer Bernstein score.

Available on Blu-ray from Kino.