Last Metro, The (1980)

The Last Metro (1980), produced and directed by François Truffaut.

During the German occupation of Paris, a Jewish theater owner hides out in the cellar while his beautiful wife runs the business and acts in his plays. He listens in via a furnace grate and gives secret rehearsal notes.

In tone this sits in a curious middle ground: it's not too heavy, but neither is it an out-and-out comedy. Partly political, partly back-stage romance and drama. Truffaut said: "For me, who was an adolescent at the time, the image of France cut in two, divided into Germans and Resistance fighters, is false. I see a much calmer France."

As always, reality is more complicated than history or the myths.


Criterion Blu-ray with a lovely natural image, both dark and warm, but I suspect that was the nature of the original.

The commentary track has valuable notes by a Truffaut scholar who also worked as his translator. She says: