Long Haul, The (1957)

The Long Haul (1957), directed by Ken Hughes.

Another gritty, realistic looking trucks-roll-at-night story, this time in the UK. Victor Mature is an ex-GI driving for his uncle and fighting with racketeers. He gets involved with a kingpin's girlfriend, to their mutual regret. He tries to resist, but some femmes are just too fatale. The wife-and-family vs girlfriend drama is a bit overwrought, but the emotions are honest and the situations plausible. No Hollywood ending.

The tough guys try to talk American. Good locations and some exciting mountain driving. The truck is a Leyland Octopus with four front wheels. They show it driving with one removed.

Diana Dors was "the Marilyn Monroe of Britain". She looks more like Jayne Mansfield at times: a large-breasted blonde who might have been able to act, but now we'll never know. She's pretty good but it's hard to see her through the glamour allure.

Mature is 54 here. His face is so expressive at times, but often just a mask. He had no illusions about his acting talent, much preferring the golf course.

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