The Lost Continent (1968)

The Lost Continent (1968), produced and directed by Michael Carreras.

I saw at least parts of this decades ago and remembered people walking on the surface of the Sargasso Sea with pontoon shoes and balloons rising from their shoulders to keep them from sinking. That's clever -- would it work?

An odd entry from Hammer Films, source of many oddities. After the unfortunate pop-balladeering title song we have an intriguing first scene: a pan of many hulks stuck in the seaweed, then we hear the service for burial of the dead being read on a large ship and scan an audience of people from different times and places. Finally we see the captain in bright white modern naval uniform reading the service.

The flashback to "how we got here" moves through several phases:


Available on Blu-ray from Shout Factory. A few lower-quality cuts are edited back in to give an extended version. Some of cuts were for mild sex and violence, but mostly for time.

The encyclopedic commentary track is valuable, but could easily have been a booklet.