Lost Highway (1997)

Lost Highway (1997), co-written and directed by David Lynch.

What's it about? My theory:

No, that's not it. How about:

Or maybe:

When I first saw this I was befuddled. I figured out Mulholland Dr while watching it, but this one just lost me. Since then I have read the general consensus is that it is about a man who has done something so awful (the horrific murder of his wife) that his mind cannot accept it, and he creates an alternate life and becomes a different person. And yet: characters, incidents and even music cross over between the realities.

Even his wife. Is she now the way he always wanted, or the way he always feared? No escaping the self, even by psychotic breakdown.

Ok, maybe. I couldn't tell you when the murder actually occurs.

A lot of the nightmare Lynch in this one. He lets you know with that deep bass drone. Scary stuff:

Patricia Arquette and Natasha Gregson Wagner contribute significant nudity and passion. It's a sexually powered nightmare.

The score is harder, more brutal than other Lynch projects. Angelo Badalamenti gets credit but other musicians contributed. I recognized This Mortal Coil's cover of "Song To The Siren" which made me feel extra-hip at the time.


The thumbnails are from a German import Blu-ray: Concorde Home Entertainment. No English subtitles. Quality seems only fair to me, but I'm not remembering what it is supposed to look like. Often dark, and not meant to be vivid or sharp, is it?