Man from Laramie, The (1955)

The Man from Laramie (1955), directed by Anthony Mann.

A secretive ex-Army officer wants to know how his brother came to die in an Indian ambush. He makes trouble for the local cattle baron and his dangerous son.

I have problems with this one. It's way too talky. The belligerent / cowardly / sadistic son of the rich man is just too much. Does he have any need to sell rifles to the Indians?

The violence probably elevates its critical reputation: the psycho shoots Stewart's mules, drags him through a fire and shoots a bullet through his hand. Suffering these things, Stewart is often wild-eyed and panicked, which is a new level of reasonable realism.

Stewart's fifth and final western with Anthony Mann. Filmed in New Mexico.

George Duning's score is fine, but the title song is... well, let me delight you with the lyrics:

The man from Laramie
Oh, he was friendly to everyone he met
No one seemed to know a thing about him
He had an air of mystery
He was not inclined to speak his mind
The man from Laramie
The man from Laramie
Everyone admired the fearless stranger
Danger was this man's specialty
So they never bossed or double crossed
The man from Laramie

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