Man's Favorite Sport? (1964)

Man's Favorite Sport? (1964), produced and directed by Howard Hawks.

Rock Hudson is the fishing pro who hates fishing and has never actually done it. His boss orders him to enter an annual competition and several women drive him nuts. Paula Prentiss is the chief offender.

As an attempt to recapture the screwball magic of previous decades it's pleasant enough, if awfully silly in spots: after a scooter collision with a bear the bear rides away. The war of the sexes comedy is sometimes forced.

Hudson isn't bad in the role, but when we understand that it was intended for Cary Grant we have to imagine him in it. No one else could do romantic comedy as well.

We can't help seeing a subtext here with Rock Hudson and his then secret private life. For "fish, fishing, camping" substitute "women, sex with same, familiarity with same" and it all seems terribly revealing.

Lazy score by Henry Mancini.