Maria's Lovers (1984)

Maria's Lovers (1984), directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.

John Savage has had a hard time in a Japanese prison camp. Dreaming about marrying Nastassja Kinski for years, he returns home to Pennsylvania, does it, but then finds he can't make love to her. He has no problem with other women. What a dilemma. One of her old boyfriends returns. Smooth operator Keith Carradine appears to further confuse things. Much drunken screaming and psychodrama follows.

It's an earnest "coming home with problems" story with a good period look and a good cast, including Robert Mitchum as the dad. The problem is you can tell the makers were theater people. The speeches, ugly war stories, confessions and contrived situations all suggest the stage and are cumbersome on screen.

A small bit of nudity and several passion scenes.