Monkey Business (1952)

Monkey Business (1952), directed by Howard Hawks.

Hawks goes extra-silly in this one about an absent minded professor who invents a youth potion.

A part I regret: he misses a chance for more pointed wedding night humor with the older professor and his now psychologically younger wife. It is deflected by having her melt down into hysterics and call for her mother.

Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers reunite ten years after their little-known Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942).

Charles Coburn seemed to be in everything in those years.

The DVD is included as part of a "Marilyn Monroe" collection even though she is fourth billed. It's a good part.

I suppose the fake Indian gibberish and scalping dance would cause heads to explode these days.

Hawks repeats the same wardrobe malfunction gag he used in Bringing Up Baby (1938) and Man's Favorite Sport? (1964). Something about women with exposed backsides really tickled him.

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