Murder à la Mod (1968)

Murder à la Mod (1968), written and directed by Brian De Palma.

This early, experimental De Palma film is included on the Criterion Blow Out (1981) Blu-ray. According to the wikipedia is was shown in only one theater and thought lost. Someone took care of the 35mm source because the quaility is excellent.

It is a confusing, non-linear, semi-comic thriller, kind of a spin on Peeping Tom (1960). The murder mystery changes as you watch it. I was thinking "once only for me", but I probably will see it again now that I know his tricks. I know enough to skip the interminable bank skit this time.

Little flashes of nudity, just becoming possible in 1968.

A complete feature film is the best type of extra on a Blu-ray disc. Many thanks to Criterion for this, particularly because the video is high definition and really fine looking.