Naked Kiss, The (1964)

The Naked Kiss (1964), written, produced and directed by Samuel Fuller.

A combination of the lurid and sugary sweet, with awkward, sometimes nonsensical dialogue. Rough, amateurish performances. People say this is the whole point of Sam Fuller, but it was not always so.

A tough prostitute arrives in a small town and decides to change her ways. She becomes an angel of mercy at a children's hospital, but the local police detective continues to harass her. She's going to marry the local rich guy but discovers he is a child molester. Well, hell: got to kill him, go to jail and be charged with murder.

The title refers to the way a psycho kisses: she can tell there is something wrong with him.

Criterion Blu-ray. As always with Fuller, the disc extras are worth watching. He was quite a character. He liked the age of studio moguls because they could get it done. Later everybody and his dog had to be involved and he couldn't get pictures made anymore.