Night of the Following Day, The (1968)

The Night of the Following Day (1968), produced and directed by Hubert Cornfield.

A teenaged girl, traveling alone, is quietly and smoothly kidnapped from the Paris airport and held prisoner at an isolated beach house. Object: ransom from her wealthy father.

This is a quirky crime film, not much liked but somehow sticking in the memory. Evocative of France outside of Paris in that year. It has no real ending, just one of those "was it all a dream?" epilogues.

Rather good cast:

When a minor director hires a big star like Brando, he has to let the actor loose to do his own thing. Which Brando does, excessively in spots, but not the whole time. He's very good when he reigns it in a bit.

Scenes with a persistently helpful policeman are straight out of Hitchcock.

Production was legendarily chaotic and painful. I've forgotten the details.

Intriguing score with a little bit of everything. Looks like it's never been available as a soundtrack album.