Princess Bride, The (1987)

The Princess Bride (1987), directed by Rob Reiner.

A very light romantic comedy fantasy adventure, it's become more popular on home video than it was in the theater. Famously quotable.

I prefer slightly darker treatments: more of the Fire Swamp segment. Even if we say it's for children, the flying monkeys and witch's castle were my favorite bits of The Wizard of Oz (1939). Much of the material here is joke and skit-based. Billy Crystal makes it seem more like a Hollywood celebrity venue.

In the theater I understood very little of what Andre the Giant was saying, but now we have subtitles.

Mark Knopfler's score seems awfully "incidental". More 80s synthesizer menace.

Writer William Goldman provides one of the commentary tracks. He's still tickled with his work and praises the cast and crew:

Director Rob Reiner does the other commentary track, sometimes interesting, sometimes trivial. He tells of meeting a Mob guy outside of the restaurant who quoted Inigo's "You killed my father..." speech back to him. Reiner was about to pee himself when: "I love that movie!" said the wiseguy.

Available on Blu-ray.