Queen of Blood (1966)

Queen of Blood (1966), written and directed by Curtis Harrington.

Aka Planet of Blood. A Roger Corman project, although he is not credited.

The future world of 1990 has moon bases and explorers are now looking toward Venus and Mars. A mysterious radio signal turns out to be an SOS from alien visitors who have crashed on Mars and need rescue. Two expeditions are dispatched to help.

Should have let them be.

The first thing to remark about this is the absolutely gorgeous art design. I had no idea that someone had taken the vivid pulp magazine cover look of the 1930s-1950s and worked them into a film:


Sorry for the dark image, but that was probably needed to make the set construction work. The lights in the darkness are alluring, very old-time SF.

The story itself is not as strong and the spaceships and pressure suits are more familiar looking. SF films always lag print by decades, and this is like a minor story written earlier in the century.

The final "space vampire" segment is not very thrilling: a seductive, hypnotically-empowered mute green women with an appetite for blood and an unfortunate Dr Seuss hairdo. A skin-tight suit makes her look naked from a distance. Somehow she lays eggs.


Available on Blu-ray from Kino.

Thumbnails from the artwork segments:


And from the story: