Re-Animator (1985)

Re-Animator (1985), directed by Stuart Gordon.

I saw this just once before, probably on a crummy video tape. I remember not liking it much because (a) the gruesomeness is way beyond what I need to see, (b) this is really not representative of Lovecraft's better work, and (c) I wish they would leave the cats out it.

Now, on Blu-ray: it's still excessively gruesome but undeniably funny. To my astonishment I read that critics really liked it. Was there something in the water that year?

Mainly I want to praise Barbara Crampton for a courageous horror/sexploitation performance: stark naked, strapped to a cold metal table, fondled and molested by a decapitated head. ("My mother's favorite scene", she says dryly). What a good sport. She did similar great work the next year in From Beyond (1986) with the same crew.

Revisiting these small 1980s films, I am always shocked and pleased by their natural color. It has become rare in the age of digital color grading.

What I learned from the commentary tracks:

Available on Blu-ray. My thumbnails are from the earlier Image disc; there is a newer Arrow special edition.

The Image disc has several extras, an informative commentary track from the director, and a fun hysterical cast commentary similar to their efforts on the From Beyond (1986) disc: non-stop stories, shout-outs, yelling and screaming at the movie.