Return of Doctor X, The (1939)

The Return of Doctor X (1939), directed by Vincent Sherman.

This has little to do with the original Doctor X (1932). More scientists messing with dangerous body horror elements: artificial blood this time rather than synthetic flesh. In the Code era the thrills are more slack and the intrepid reporter more dull.

Notable for a role Humphrey Bogart said he hated doing.

Funny bits: the omnipresent Ian Wolfe (304 IMDB credits) is the cemetery caretaker. Digging up an empty coffin: "I've been robbed!" The two younger men leave him their shovels: "Thanks, Pop. Put it back, will you?"

Newspaper headline at the end: "Dr 'X' Returns to Grave".

Just an hour long. Photographed by Sidney Hickox.

Available on DVD with Doctor X (1932) on the same disc. The commentary track is an interview with director, age 99 and still sharp.

Regarding Bogart's dislike of the project he says something like: This was my first job as director and he was not a star yet. We were both theater people and just happy to be getting a paycheck.