Ride Lonesome (1959)

Ride Lonesome (1959), directed by Budd Boetticher.

Another entry in the Boetticher/Randolph Scott/Burt Kennedy series of better quality B westerns.

The story has similarities to Seven Men from Now (1956): Scott is seeking revenge for his murdered wife. He picks up a possible future love interest as well as semi-shady tough guys Pernell Roberts and James Coburn. Lee Van Cleef is the villain who needs killing.

Fine Lone Pine locations, superior horse handling, and more thoughtful dialogue than is usual in small westerns. The final confrontation is like a Sergio Leone scene, who said he owed a lot to Boetticher. As to the final Scott vs Roberts showdown: I was hoping it would end the way it did (the director had to fight the studio for this). And as a bonus the love interest does not develop into something sappy. I liked Seven Men from Now (1956) better, but this is certainly a keeper.

They do mow down a bunch of Mescaleros, always inscrutable in their needs and customs.

James Coburn's first film credit. Karen Steele has a bust-line of Jane Russell proportions and it's featured in a lot of shots. She dated the director for a while.

Shot in 13 days without a single interior. No money to build sets so they didn't. The score is generic western music which becomes irritating if you listen to it.

The DVD has an informative commentary track.