Ring, The (1927)

The Ring (1927), written and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Boxer "One-Round" Jack takes on all comers at a carnival. His girl sells tickets. It's curious that the women are so eager to have their men fight, less curious that the men are willing to do it.

Jack meets his match in Bob, a big guy who flirts with the girl. Turns out Bob is the Aussie champ. Jack is hired as a sparring partner, but a love triangle develops and continues even after he marries his girl. Plagued by doubt and jealously, Jack figures he better get into competition and become Champ himself, but that means being away from home...

The church wedding is a funny bit. The carnival and boxing roughnecks don't know how to behave and we see siamese twins arguing over the "bride" or "groom" side.

Of course the climax is an exciting bout between Jack and Bob, made more tense because we don't know which way the wife is going. How do you think Hitchcock would resolve this -- does his dark or more romantic side triumph?

This is a good one. Even this early we see the director's growing confidence in his use of quick cuts and multiple angles, his love of whimsy and undercurrents of sex and violence. Many great details and background bits.

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